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Gaia 11.8 kW


Wood pellet heater whit air ventilation

ideal for big and modern space

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Technical Features

  • Dimensions: 630x630x1000 mm
  • Power: 3,78 – 12,65 Kw
  • Efficency: 93,7% – 95,3%
  • Power to ambient: 12,65 Kw
  • Tank Capacity: 24 Kg
  • Pellet Consumpiton: 0,8 – 2,72 Kg/h
  • Autonomy at nominal power: 30 h
  • Weight: 150 Kg
  • Fume exit ø80mm TOP

Weekly and daily programming
Ceramic body
Top flue exit
Adjustable feet
Brazier in cast-iron
Ceramic colour as per samples
Removable ash tray
Options: remote control, rear flue exit, hand
made decors, hot air channeling

Colour: white


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